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  Music publishing, Record label production and distribution. 

                                         Editora : editorial musical. Sello discográfico : producción y distribución.


​             ​                         Blanjie Records label is an official member of  `The Recording Industry Association of America® ´                                                                                                     RIAA  https://www.riaa.com/


   BLANJIE RECORDS ENTERTAINMENT ® is an ASCAP  Music  Publisher Member

 registered  in The Harry Fox Agency HFA - Songfile®  as contact for direct  and through Songtrust® Ave administration licensing agreements in The U.S. , and with exclusive HFA publisher affiliation for  mechanical rights foreign representation and an

official member of NMPA The National Music Publishers' Association .


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Blanjie Records affiliated music publisher in The HFA
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NMPA Publisher Member : Blanjie Records Entertainment - ASCAP / Blanca A. Olivera

Upcoming release on
2021 : ' REBELION '

Canción remix sencillo por Blanca Star Olivera feat. Rafael Canizares proyecto de 2021. Salsa con guitarra española. Sello Blanjie Records Entertainment con licencia de Spirit Two Music OBO EdiMusica - USA / HFA. Compositor Joe Arroyo.

Our upcoming project for 2021 :


by Alex Rodriguez R.O ( Roundboom ) & Blanca Star Olivera ( SGAE / ASCAP).


Our previous records released  on August 4th  2017  :

` Tu, Solo Tu : my early recordings ´  
by Blanca Star Olivera,

Album EP Maxi Single.

International digital distribution .

Music Publishing : courtesy of Peer International Corp and Universal Music – MGB songs, S.A. DE C.V, licensing represented by HFA The Harry Fox Agency - Songfile.
Record label : Blanjie Records Entertainment - RIAA.

Award Winner : Business Excellence 2020
Blanjie Records Entertainment : official Music Publisher member at ASCAP The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
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             SoundExchange and AARC official member label at The Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies 

Blanjie Records - RIAA Latin GRAMMY - Pro Associate Member Artist : Blanca Star Olivera on Spotify
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Blanjie Records Entertainment/ ASCAP Music Publisher  by Blanca Star Olivera, is an active Professional -Pro Sponsor Voting Member at The Songwriters Hall of Fame ! 

                                                               and a GRAMMYs  Voting Member in the Recording Academy Class of 2021.

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Recording production, songwriting, digital music distribution and publishing, actors, singers, collaborations with divers recording studios around the world .

Songtrust® ( by Downtown dmpgroup) represents most catalogue by Songwriter  Blanca Star Olivera  ®/

Blanca Adela Olivera Cavero - S.G.A.E published by Blanjie Records Entertainment - ASCAP / NMPA. 

For synchronization license Blanjie Records contact : Rumblefish publishing ( YouTube ) ,

Blanjie Records Entertainment, SGAE.