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  Music publishing, Record label production and distribution. 

                                         Editora : editorial musical. Sello discográfico : producción y distribución.



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Blanjie Records Entertainment : official Music Publisher member at ASCAP The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
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On Spotify : The Impressionist Flute

Recording production, songwriting, digital music distribution and publishing, actors, singers, collaborations with divers recording studios around the world .

Blanjie Records - RIAA Latin GRAMMY - Pro Associate Member Artist : Blanca Star Olivera on Spotify
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On Spotify : The Impressionist Flute
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Spotify : Live from Budapest - Dúo Resonare Fibris
On Spotify : En Privado
Award Winner : Business Excellence 2020

Ya desde 25 de noviembre de 2022 disponible en Spotify !!! :

On Spotifty : Duo Resonare Fibris

Blanjie Records Entertainment/ ASCAP Music Publisher  by Blanca Star Olivera, is an active Professional -Pro Sponsor Voting Member at The Songwriters Hall of Fame ! 

                                                               and a GRAMMYs  Voting Member in the Recording Academy Class of 2021 through year 2027.

On Spotify : En Privado

​     Blanjie Records label has been an official member of  `The Recording Industry Association of America® ´   RIAA  https://www.riaa.com/  from 2016 through 2022 and

currently in SoundExchange.