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Postal address / Dirección de Correo :

BLANJIE RECORDS Entertainment Attn. Blanca Olivera

Apartado de Correos 37035 Spain Post office box

Barcelona 08080


Blanjie Records Entertainment ®


Alex Rodriguez Ovalle :Associated at music, creative and art production. Songwriter SGAE / ASCAP / registered with HFA Songfile.

Blanca Star Olivera : Owner, Director and Executive producer.

ASCAP, HFA Songfile and NMPA registered Music Publisher - RIAA Record Label. Songwriter SGAE registered with ASCAP / HFA Songfile and Songtrust.

Contact  :

U.S. & World Music Licensing  through ASCAP ` The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers´ : and The Harry Fox Agency HFA - Songfile®  as contact for direct licensing agreements in The U.S. , with exclusive HFA publisher affiliation for  mechanical rights foreign representation.

For synchronization license Blanjie Records contact : Rumblefish publishing, Blanjie Records Entertainment. 

​​España : Repertorio S.G.A.E compositores Blanca Adela Olivera Cavero y Alejandro Rodríguez Ovalle .