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Blanca Star Olivera - Blanjie Records Entertainment® director and owner is an active Professional - Pro Sponsor Voting Member at The Songwriters Hall of Fame!

BLANJIE RECORDS Entertainment creating Music in New York and in Barcelona with international collaborations  to the WORLD since 2002 : music and video recording production, distribution, music publishing. 

Blanjie Records Entertainment   is an official member of  `The Recording Industry Association of America® ´ RIAA, also a member as an ASCAP Music Publisher and a SoundExchange & AARC Record Label  Member. 

Blanca Star Olivera - Blanjie Records Entertainment   / ASCAP Music Publisher is a proud registered Music Publisher with The Harry Fox Agency HFA - Songfile® since June 2017 as contact for direct licensing agreements in The U.S. , with exclusive HFA publisher affiliation for  mechanical rights foreign representation;  and an official member in  NMPA The National Music Publishers' Association and of The MLC.

Our latest recordings released in 2017 and 2018 by artist Blanca Star Olivera are ' TU SOLO TU : my early recordings ' by Blanjie Records Entertainment ® - RIAA 
and also a collaboration ' ENTRA EL DOLOR ' by Martin Verdi label available on iTunes and on Spotify.

On September Fall 2017 Term, Blanca Star Olivera / Blanca A. Olivera enrolled The Berklee Online Boston College as a Student in the ' Music Licensing ' Course for Credit.

Songtrust® ( by Downtown dmpgroup ) represents and administers songwriter : Blanca Star Olivera / Blanca Adela Olivera Cavero - S.G.A.E  most catalogue published by Blanjie Records Entertainment - ASCAP / NMPA.

​For synchronization license Blanjie Records contact : S.G.A.E, Blanjie Records Entertainment.

Our next project for 2021 : ' In Boom Conditions ' by Alex Rodríguez Roundboom feat. Blanca Star Olivera.