Blanca Star Olivera - Blanjie Records Entertainment® director and owner is an active Professional - Pro Sponsor Voting Member at The Songwriters Hall of Fame! and a GRAMMYs Voting Member in The Recording Academy.

BLANJIE RECORDS Entertainment creating Music in New York and in Barcelona with international collaborations  to the WORLD since 2002 : music and video recording production, distribution, music publishing. 

Blanjie Records Entertainment   is an official member of NMPA,  `The Recording Industry Association of America® ´ RIAA [from 2016 through 2022], a member as an ASCAP Music Publisher and a SoundExchange & AARC [ from 2016 through 2021] Record Label  sound recording copyrigts owner Member. 

Blanca Star Olivera / Blanca A. Olivera enrolled The Berklee Online Boston College as a Student in the ' Music Licensing ' Course for Credit and she is winner of a NYU Tisch scholarship for the Certificate Program completed course ' Performing Arts Industry Essentials ' ( 2022 ).

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